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Waymire's Dally On Up At Rocking G's -      12" / 12 lbs  Red Merle      Blue eyes        * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Huck is the absolute most sweetest gentle male. He is a low drive toy Aussie that not only passes on his outstanding temperament but his gorgeous Aussie look. 

He holds true to the Aussie breed standard, but in a smaller size.  Huck has produced puppies 9" - 14" grown     

Available to outside females - message for info

Parsons Too Small Too Putt Putt -  10" / 7 lbs   Black Tri   Brown eyes   


 * Genetic Testing Clear - PRA/PRCD,HC,CD,MDR1

Putt Putt is one of our smallest males. He has been a foundation breeding male for us and our tiny toy lines.

He is the sire - grand sire and great grand sire of many of our current tiny Aussies.   

Putt Putt LOVES water!  His puppies tend to carry this trait :)    Sire is Smallville's Too Small    Grandsire is Smallville's Superman 

Putt Putt produces puppies from 9" - 13"  - Sire of ASDR CH & IABCA Int/Nat/Hnr-G CH Sundance Little Tuff Guy

Available for stud to outside females 

Parsons Can't Stop the Hiccup -  12" / 10 lbs   Black Tri   Brown eyes       

Genetic Testing Clear - Full Panel Clear - MDR1 m/n

Hiccup is a fun loving, very outgoing guy. He has never met a stranger and has excessive lizard tongue syndrome.

( loves to give kisses ) LOL   Hiccup was born and raised here with us, Sire was - Oakey and dam Asia.  We are very proud of the puppies Hiccup has produced!  Hiccup is available for stud 

Parsons Putt of Mischief   AKA "Little Putt" -    11" / 7 lbs    Black Tri       Brown eyes      * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Little Putt is another one of our smallest males.  He is a son of our tiny Putt Putt and Felony.

This tiny toy is the happiest go lucky tiny Aussies around   He could spend all day up in my arms giving kisses

His siblings were among the smallest toy Aussies we have ever produced. 

He has 3 sisters under 10" and 5lbs.    His sister Missy stayed here also and is 9" and 5 lbs.   

 Little Putt is available for stud to outside females 

Parsons Mr. Photogenic -  AKA "Fuji" -   12.5" / 10 lbs    Red Tri - Blue eyes      

     * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear  

Fuji does have perfect button ears, just one was not behaving on this picture day. 

Fuji is an upcoming stud here at Parsons Place. He was born and raised her by us. 

Not sure we have had a Toy Aussie with as much personality and charm and Fuji - he is a hoot! 

Fuji is a grandson of our Putt Putt/Cleo cross.  His sire is Huck and mother is our tiny BET Pippa. 

We are super excited for Fuji's future here!!

Parsons Too Tiny To Putt - AKA "Rowdy" -   11" / 8 lbs    Blue Merle      Blue/brown eyes     

* Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Rowdy  - is a small  Toy Aussie with a very big attitude, hence his name Rowdy!

Rowdy is a mega lover, player and go get-er.  He is another grandson of our Putt Putt/Cleo cross.

His mother is our teeny tiny toy Dottie and sire is Little Putt.  -- We are o happy to have kept him with us!!

"Happy" - Black Tri Toy  Blue eyes     * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Happy is exactly what his name implies...VERY HAPPY!  This is a super fun loving boy with a ton of personality! 

He is a stocky Toy with fabulous copper. We are so excited to be adding him to our Breeding Program. 

Can't wait to watch him mature.  

Reference Sires 

Lakefront Acres Double Aces -AKA ACE -    15" / 25 lbs    Black Tri       Blue eyes     * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Ace was a prime example of how wonderful this breed could be.

He was not only beautiful but he passed on his gently, kind and absolute loyalty to his offspring.   He will be missed beyond measure. 

Luckily we have his daughter Bay, Peggy Sue and grand daughter Bugs to carry on his legacy. 

THANK YOU Linda Thompson in Alabama for giving Ace a wonderful home. 

Parsons Oakey Dokey Dude-    13" / 16 lbs    Black Tri       Brown eyes     

* Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Oakey was a long time sire here at Parsons Place. We raised him from 8 wks old and had him about 6yrs. 

He made us proud as a sire and wonderful companion and friend.  He sired outstanding litters for us. 

We now have his son Hiccup and Daughter Bean carrying on in his absence. 

Oakey has been rehomed and lives in Minnesota

Bean & Huck Puppies

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