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Thank you Vanessa @ Gravatt Toy Aussies
INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION "Fullerton Mystical Dragon Slayer"   
Black Tri   Blue eyes   * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear   *Non Cryptic  * Red Factored 
We are excited to be adding "Dragon" to our Aussie stud lineup.  Will be available for Stud for a select amount of females

Waymire's Dally On Up At Rocking G's - 12" / 12 lbs  Red Merle      Blue eyes        

Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Huck is the absolute most sweetest gentle male. He is a low drive toy Aussie that not only passes on his outstanding temperament but his gorgeous Aussie look. 
He holds true to the Aussie breed standard, but in a smaller size.  Huck has produced puppies 9" - 14" grown     
Available for stud - $800

Gravatts Toy Gun - 11" / 8 lbs  Blue Merle  Blue eyes  * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Talk about cute!! Gunner is about as adorable as a toy Aussie can get! Small in size but huge in personality! And wow what a gorgeous coat.  Gunner is son Champion "Tater" ( a Hughes line BET) and tiny toy Opie from Gravatts toy Aussies, Opie is out of CH Dragon lines.  We are so excited to add this cutie pie with heavy blue eye tri genes to our program!!  Available for Stud $1200

Parsons Too Tiny To Putt - AKA "Rowdy" -   11" / 8 lbs     * Blue Merle  Blue/brown eyes   * Red Factored   

* Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear


Rowdy  - is a small  Toy Aussie with a very big attitude, hence his name Rowdy! He is a mega licker, lover, player and go get-er.  He is another grandson of our Putt Putt/Cleo cross.

His mother is our teeny tiny toy Dottie and sire is Little Putt.  -- We are o happy to have kept him with us!!   Available for Stud $1200

Parsons Putt of Mischief   AKA "Little Putt" - 11" / 7 lbs    Black Tri  Brown eyes  * Red Factored  * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear

Little Putt is another one of our smallest males.  He is a son of our tiny Putt Putt and Felony.

This tiny toy is the happiest go lucky tiny Aussies around   He could spend all day up in my arms giving kisses

His siblings were among the smallest toy Aussies we have ever produced. 

He has 3 sisters under 10" and 5lbs.    His sister Missy stayed here also and is 9" and 5 lbs.   Available for stud $900

Fuji has a new home He now resides in Pennsylvania 

Parsons Mr. Photogenic -  AKA "Fuji" -   12.5" / 10 lbs    Red Tri - Blue eyes      

     * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear  Fuji was born and raised her by us. 

Not sure we have had a Toy Aussie with as much personality and charm and Fuji - he is a hoot! 

Fuji is a grandson of our Putt Putt/Cleo cross.  His sire is Huck and mother is our tiny BET Pippa.

"TUX" - Black Tri Toy  Blue eyes  13.75"  16lbs   * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear - Red Factored

Tux is on his way to being my very best buddy. He lives to please and can fetch all day long non stop. He is awesomely fast at picking up and understanding my commands and signals.  I swear he understands everything I say! Tux also became a huge fan of swimming in our pool as long as there is a toy or ball to fetch in the water. This gorgeous boy with the most outstanding temperament is out of CH Beckers King of Hearts, AKA "Romeo" from Gravatts Toy Aussies.  Available for Stud. $1200

"Avicii" - Red tri Toy  Blue eyes  13"  12lbs   * Genetic Testing - Full Panel Clear 

Avicii came to us from Gravatt Toy Aussies, but amazingly his mother goes back to our famous Putt Putt & Cleo cross. 

So we are so excited to have this outstanding male that will continue to carry on our Tiny toy lines.  Avicii is a fiery red tri with deep rich super strong copper points and strikingly blue eyes. At only a year old, his short square muzzle, nice bone and build make him super future stud potential.  Avicii has already proved himself as a BET producer.  Available for Stud. $1200