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           ** Aussie Personality **

Fact: The Australian Shepherd is a herding breed -known to be extremely intelligent, loyal and easy to train. 



  Did you know?

** "Anyone can find basic information about Aussies on the internet, so although there will be some breed standard facts provided on this page,  I will in addition - also be providing my own biased opinions from over the last 30 yrs of being a proud Aussie owner. "  

Fact: Aussie sizes are only based on heights - Never weight


  • Toy 10" - 14"    generally 10 - 20 lbs

  • (Teacup size is not a legit size category, it was an added way to describe the smaller toy Aussies -  typically less than 10 lbs) 

  • Mini 14" - 18"    generally 15 - 40 lbs

  • Standard 18" - 24"   generally 35 - 60 lbs

Fact: A Wicket is used to find height

A fun challenge: see how small your Aussie is - use a 11" paper towel roll to measure by 

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   We have found the Australian Shepherd to be a favorite choice for farms & families alike. Whether bred with low, medium or high drive, they can not only move livestock gently and efficiently, but provide the loyalty, kind temperament and fun playful personality for an average family. 

   While they are not couch potatoes, and they are not meant to be a pet ornament for around your home or yard, the Aussie can adapt to a multiple variety of lifestyles

   Not everyone competes in flyball, frisbee or agility, but this breed has excelled in those areas. The Aussie - no matter the size- Loves to learn, and longs to be involved in all family activities

     A home with an active lifestyle does best. Aussie owners need to understand these dogs can have higher engery levels and that energy will need to be expelled. Out door walks, exploring / play time is a must. Otherwise adverse habits may form. As they age, most settle down and make excellent more laid back companions. 

*** Over all: if you are looking for an extremely loyal dog, a dog wants to be with you more than anything - a second shadow - This breed might be for you!



Aussies are also know as  Wiggle butts

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DOES        Size    Matter   ?

       Regardless of size, the Australian Shepherd is in a class of its own. 

These wonderful dogs have been loved and cherished for over 100 yrs, by farmers, ranchers or just the everyday family.  I myself fell in love with the standard size Australian Shepherd - although there were a few mini's  around 30 yrs ago I was not familiar with them.  We were not farmers or ranchers, but just a family with a few acres and some horses. 


After that first Aussie, I knew they were something special. We had several types of dogs growing up, purebreds and mixes, so I was antiquated with other breeds.  This breed surpassed the rest.  No matter what, they were at my side, my shadow in fact, ready to help or at least try to help in what ever I was doing. And smart? yes all of them very smart.  Over the years each one would pass away and I would swear no dog could ever be as wonderful, or smart as the last.

To my surprise, they just kept getting better and better. 

      I lost my last Standard size Aussie, about 15 yrs ago. Cisco a beautiful 60 pound blue merle male, is still missed terribly to this day.  He by far was the smartest most loving dog I "thought" I would ever own. We finally decided to replace Cisco.  Traveling to horse shows and having numerous customers to our barn, got us thinking about size.

 Size did matter.  We loved the breed but 60 lbs was a lot of dog.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have "Cisco" in a 20 lb body?   Then came the mini's.

 Now about 10 years later, and having every size Aussie, we can ask :   Is bigger always better ? 


Honestly if it was, I wouldn't have the smaller size. The mini's are bred down from the standards, and the toys from the mini's.  The mini Aussie is just as loyal, caring, smart  and kind just as is the toy.  

I believe the biggest misconception is with the toy Aussie.  The toy Aussie is JUST like the mini, just smaller.  They are NOTHING like other toy breeds. They are not yippy, aggressive, or hard to housebreak. They are NOT fragile, timid, or lazy.   They are AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS too. 


The toy Aussie, can handle just about what ever the mini can. They go on long runs, trail rides, hikes..etc, just like the larger dogs.  The toys can be inside or outside pets. They need a little more warmth in the winter because they are small, but they LOVE the cold weather too. 


Don't be fooled by the word TOY.  A toy Aussie is NO ordinary toy dog. They are extraordinary.  The word toy is only to describe the size.

They are the Australian Shepherd in a small body.  I was never a small dog person until I owned a toy Aussie.

My 40 lb, 20 lb, 10 lb & under Aussie's all went to the barn with us, they all go on long hikes, trail rides and play with us.  Most of the time the larger dogs give out before my smaller ones. 


Size only matters to you. What works for your household? Can you handle a large dog, or do you need something small and compact?

Do you want a lap size dog, or a dog that needs his own couch? Can you carry a mini if you have too, or do you need something under 15 lbs.

These are the questions to ask yourself. 


** When in doubt, come visit. See for yourself, how the mini's, toys or even the smaller size teacups are "bigger" than you think. 


Its all personal choice. They are ALL AUSSIE'S no matter the size.


Fact : Aussies go through the Puppy Uglies !

Yes your puppy may go through this stage Aussie lovers know well- beginning around 12 wks old and continuing until a little over a year your puppy may look nothing like what you expected!  They will loose all that super cute puppy fluffy coat, legs will get very long and skinny, ears may go up - down - sideways and every direction. But don't worry - you are not alone!        

Embrace this wonderful but yet awkward growth period! Before you know it your little Aussie will be that beautiful dog you had always dreamed of.  

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Fact: Aussies are very photogenic

In the age of social media, how could anyone not want an Aussie to post all over their Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook!


Fun Aussie Traits:

   * The Aussie Head Tilt 

   * An Aussie always assists you to the bathroom 

   * That hard Aussie Stare into your eyes   

   * Aussie Wiggle butt -non stop

   * Aussie super ability to understand our every word

   * The Aussie curl: the ever Most famous trick of running sideways 

   * Aussies your continual Shadow dog 

Fact: Aussies are like chips 

                     you can never have just one!

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Fun Aussie Info

Kathy Parsons 615-512-5600   Edmond Oklahoma


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