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Litter box Training

      Here at Parsons Place, all our puppies are litter box trained. We start the puppies around 3 wks old on newspaper or puppy pads, then by 4 wks we offer a litter box.  The puppies naturally figure out how to use it. 

      Dogs by natural instinct typically do not wish to eliminate themselves where they sleep, so the puppies walk away from their bed or sleeping area and use the paper and then the box.  In the beginning they are not very good, they may only get it right 50% of the time.  But, by the time the puppies are 8 wks old, they have got it down to a very high percentage if not almost perfect!


The main key to litter box training for puppies, is to keep their space very small. There should only be room for their bed, food dishes and 1 or 2 litter boxes.  As they get better their space is allowed to get larger. 


We recommend the puppies using a litter box after they go to their new homes.  Puppies have no bladder control until after they are 16 wks old. They typically need to go out to relieve themselves every hour.

(although they may sleep thru the night). 

If you are like may not have time to take your new puppy out as often as they need, or you may have to leave home for a longer period of time. This is where the litter box training comes in really handy!   If you can set up your puppies home space with a litter box, you will not have to worry as much about if they need to go potty. 


I have found no issues with housebreaking after using the litter boxes. We still take our puppies outside to potty as often as we can, this way they still get rewarded for using the bathroom outside.  


Key Points for litter box training :

  • Remember puppies are not cats and will not go "find" the litter box

  • Keep the area small - use a larger crate / Puppy exercise pen /  very small room

  • Only lightly cover the pan with the litter - not deep

  • Almost any plastic type pan will work as a litter pan - cat pans are great for small puppies

  • Remember litter pan needs to be large enough for puppy or dog to have room to circle and move around

  • Use a pan with sides at least 6" high to keep litter and potty inside 

  • Avoid pine pellets to keep down the dust - use recycled paper 

  • Understand they will miss the box on occasion, especially pee

  • Use a kitty scoop and paint scrapper to clean poop and pee


Example areas .....

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8 x 10 in.png
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