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Parsons Place Aussies



Chandler, Oklahoma 

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  A smaller-

Australian Shepherd... 

       is it right  for you?

 "Finding a cute puppy is easy - finding a cute puppy that is healthy, happy and socialized-  

from a responsible, reputable and honest breeder is not so easy "


     There are so many breeders , why choose Parsons Place ? 

Parsons Place Aussies hand raises our quality mini & toy Aussies. We truly care about providing you the buyer, with the best puppy buying experience possible. 

Aussies are the only breed of dogs we will ever breed. Our Aussie knowledge is top notch. 

We stand behind our puppies 100%, offering you a lifetime of support and guidance

Our references, reviews and testimonies speak for our reputation - over a decade of happy families. 

The Parsons hold ourselves accountable to a higher authority, and live our lives accordingly

Parsons Place Aussies strives to stay true to the original breed characteristics of the standard size Australian Shepherd.

Great dispositions, easy train ability, correct bone and nice Aussie heads with good ear sets. 

In our program we do strive for a slightly lower drive Aussie making them the perfect choice for variety of lifestyles.

You no longer need a farm or livestock to fully enjoy this remarkable breed. 

We the Parsons are True Australian Shepherd lovers, we have over 30 yrs of Aussies in our life. We are not a kennel,

but a loving home where are dogs are happy, healthy and very much a part of our family. 


Celebrating  - making families happy 
                     ..... and loving every minute 

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