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Parsons Place Aussies



  • Born December 9th, 2021

  • Ready to go home February 2nd, 2022

  • Echo & Dragon litter - 

  • Toy size

  •  Health Tested -  Dragon Full panel clear / Echo DM carrier



Puppies are all raised using a litter box -

They are bathed blow dried and have had their nails trimmed regularly.  

More information on buying a puppy is located on our FAQ page. 

For more info on the litter box training - please visit that page. 

Echo & Dragon puppies


Echo 10" Cross L breeding, very strong Blue eye tri lines

Dragon 3 (1).jpg

INT CH Dragon Slayer 13.5" very strong Blue eye tri lines

This litter ended up with several mismarked puppies. This happens sometimes b/w crosses.  All puppies are 100% healthy and happy. 

Female- Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes - Full white collar. HAS A TAIL. Very small toy girl. Estimate 10 lbs or less. $1200 Pet price SOLD

Male- Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes - Full collar. Gorgeous thick nice boy. Going to look alot like his mom Echo. Looks like a medium size toy. $3000 HAS DEPOSIT

Female- Black Tri, 2 blue eyes - Full white collar. Extreme orange bright copper trim.  TEENY TINY toy - so small at birth we left her tail on so to not put her through any stress. SOLD