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Parsons Place Aussies



  • Born January 8th, 2021 --  Ready to go home March 5th,2021

  • Baylor & Gunner litter - 6 gorgeous toy puppies

  • Health Tested Parents - Full panel clear

Puppies are all raised using a litter box -

They are bathed blow dried and have had their nails trimmed regularly.  

More information on buying a puppy is located on our FQA page. 

For more info on the litter box training - please visit that page. 

Baylor & Rowdy Puppies

Untitled (2).png

Baylor is 12" and 12 lbs

GUnner 9 (1).jpg

Gunner is 11" and 8 lbs

Male - Black Tri, brown eyes, very nicely made little guy.  Love his expressions.  

Estimated around 8-10 lbs.    $1600 Pet ONLY HAS A DEPOSIT

Male- Blue Merle, 2 blue eyes. Very rich orange copper. Looks so much like his father Gunner!! Going to be Super cute and really showing his personality!  Small toy size

Estimated 8-10 lbs grown.  $2600 Pet Only HAS A DEPOSIT

Female- Blue Merle, 2 Blue eyes. Gorgeous dark merle. Small toy size

This little doll is currently estimated at around 8-10 lbs grown.  

$3000 pet price / $3500 Breeding rights.

HAS A DEPOSIT Thanks to Scott for adding his 3rd Parsons Place Toy Aussie to his family!!