Parsons Place Aussies



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Bay & Avicci puppies

  • Born January 31, 2021 --  Ready to go home March 28, 2021

  • Bay & Avicii litter

  • Toy and small mini sizes 

  • Heavy BET lines

  • Bay is a daughter of Gimmie / Ace -

  • Bay is mother of Bugs, Grandmother of Tank

  • Avicci's sire is a Double bet, his mother goes back to our Cleo and Putt Putt lines. 

Puppies are all raised using a litter box -

They are bathed blow dried and have had their nails trimmed regularly.  

More information on buying a puppy is located on our FQA page. 

For more info on the litter box training - please visit that page. 


Male - Red Merle, 1 full blue eye, 1 half green/blue. Largest in the litter. Happy go lucky pup!  Estimated size 14-15" $2200

Female - Blue Merle, 2 Blue eyes, gorgeous copper. Beautiful head and ear set. Reminds me of her mother. Estimated size 14"

$3000 pet - ask about full rights  SOLD

Female - Blue Merle, 2 Blue eyes, Full white collar. Extremely outgoing friendly girl. Estimated size 13-14"  $3000 SOLD

Male - Blue Merle, 2 Blue eyes, Super cute boy! Smallest in the litter.  Estimated size 12-13"  $3000 pet  SOLD

Male - Blue Merle, 2 Blue eyes, WOW color! Bold flashy boy with a super nice head.   Estimated size 14"  $2600 pet ask about full rights


Female - Red Merle, 2 blue eyes, Gorgeous color! Super nice head and ears. Estimated size 13".  ON HOLD TO STAY HERE